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video production since 1999

Harmsway Inc. is a video production company owned and operated by Andy Hopper, a freelance editor, videographer and filmmaker with experience directing narrative, music video, documentary, reality and many corporate projects for the web and various other venues.

Mr. Hopper’s film Sunfish Lake recently premiered at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival.

Harmsway Inc. has completed projects for Kiplinger, Mutual of Omaha, MetLife, Ally Bank, Ally Auto, LodgeNet,, AIG, Partner Engineering and Science, Prudential, Blockbuster, Roxy, Quicksilver, Quattro Gatti Theater Company, Studio Tim Campbell, Blind Dog Films, The Young Actors Camp, and members of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Police Department

Great Work
"Contacted him at last minute. He showed up on time and did the job perfectly with little interaction. Highly Recommended" 

        - Mark P.        

Just what we were looking for!
"Visitors to our website really love the video Andy created for us! He did an amazing job capturing all the elements of Children of the World Co-op’s playgroup mornings. It’s the perfect window into our daily program. Andy was so discreet filming in the background that we forgot he was there, and the children went about their play as usual. I really appreciate how quickly he went from taping to finished product on our site. And the music he paired with the visuals is ideal. We are so pleased to see our story brought to life on the screen! It was a pleasure working with him.

        -Karen, Children of the World Co-op, Baltimore, MD"

Get a wedding video you'll actually watch more than once.
"Watching most peoples' wedding videos is like sitting through a slide show of their trip to the Grand Canyon. Nobody's really going to be excited about it but them. Our wedding video wasn't like that at all--instead of just capturing the entire event and playing it back, it's like watching a highlight reel in the form of a music video. My wife and I love it because it's short and sweet and it reminds us of our big day, and other people are always amazed at how fun it is."
- Patrick M.

        A Wedding Video You'll Want to Watch
"Andy filmed and created the most extraordinary wedding video for us. He was completely unintrusive in filming, yet he captured the essence of the evening impeccably. The final result is essentially a highlight reel of our wedding. It's the perfect length because Andy edited the footage to the good stuff, so it's not just a boring play by play of events. We gather the family together every year on our anniversary to watch it. I say the same thing after every viewing- this video was the greatest gift I ever received.”

        - Niki M.